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The Running Historical Account Of Paisley Glen

And Other Silliness

Paisley Glen
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A rag-tag band of lovable misfits who crash the Washington Renaissance Fantasy Faire every year.
Paisley Glen is a rag-tag band of loveable misfits who come together each August at the Washington Renaissance Fantasy Faire in Gig Harbor.

We have a web site now at PaisleyGlen.com, but there's not much there yet. You should maybe help out with that.
"fire hazards", "scotch?" "irish." "whiskey?" "no.", $1 a yard fabric, adam the juggler, alcoholic stew, ale, an tir, anglophilia, autumn war, baby wipes as showers, bad teeth, belly dancers, biffies, birch beer, blasphemous communion, bodices, boffer potatoes, boffering, bowl cake, bum rolls, camping, canopies, cell phone dance parties, chemises, cornwall, costco, costuming, cranky old man yoder, cuddling, dollar a yard, doublets, drama, draperies, drinking with old hippies, drunken hippies, edmund turnpike, england, fabric, fae, fairy glen, favors, feathers, filthy scots, fire hazards, fire pits, flaming marshmallows, ghrf, ghrff, gig harbor, gig harbor ren faire, gig harbor renaissance faire, glitter, gossip, grenadine shots, haggis, hats, historical costuming, history, holy glen shire, hoop skirts, hose, june faire, lady turnpike, leprechauns, lord paisley, lord turnpike, magic, mead, muffins, naked jake, nobility, not showering, old man muffin, oriental rugs, our lissa, paisley, paisley glen, paisleyans, party games, pirates, pixies, playing dress up, pool parties, poppies, pretty, queen elizabeth, random boffer ambush game, ravenswood leather, raw steak, red eyed cougars, ren faires, renaissance faires, rennies, ridiculous rhymes, ron cleveland, rummy the boosehound, safety pins, saint wolfgang's bavarian guild, sarsparilla, sca, scadians, scotland, scotland's depraved, security bob, security mike, sewing, shadow glen, sheep, shirts, singing, smelly old men, sparkles, steak as finger food, striped glen, swords, tablero, taxidermy, the airplane game, the birch beer stand, the crack fairy, the fairy troupe, the horse shaman, the muffin of bath, the pickle wench, the privy monster, the temple caffeinea, thirty dollar rapiers, top ramen, toplessness, un-camping, upholstery fabric, venetians, warren war, washington ren faire, washington renaissance faire, washington renaissance fantasy faire, wearing couches, wenches, wool, wrff