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Peerage, again
 paisleyglen - (drhackenbush)
10:06am 17/03/2009
Horatio Q. Hackenbush posting in Paisley Glen
We know how much you don't care, but promotions for Max von Hale and Glenn Paisley...Collapse )
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 paisleyglen - (drhackenbush)
11:28am 01/03/2009
Horatio Q. Hackenbush posting in Paisley Glen

Bukake, Brethren.

     As you may have known, the alliance with the Pirates of the Criminal Dawn has been pending for some time. In light of that, We led a small diplomatic contingent to their annual Crew Activation ceremony (similar to Our state dinners) last night. Their ship was docked - quite probably relying on His lordship's lack of knowledge, seeing as they're pirates - at Hale's Pass. We brought with Us Our mother, The Lady Mary; Lady Scarf Magyar and her russkie consort; Lord Cutter Gryphon, and the Lady Puddles. The Captain and crew were most accomodating, and it is with extreme regret that transportation difficulties required us to depart early. However, we stayed through the "boring" part, and that's all that anyone can ask, really.  At any rate, the alliance is progressing well.

Speaking of State dinner type functions, ought we to have one this year? Presumably, with the lack of business on the table in this past year, it might be able to focus almost entirely on the social bonding-type activity we've done without of late. Please indicate your thoughts in the poll below.

Finally, it seemed inappropriate to me that Miss Lilac, the third in line to the throne, should outrank her sister and brother-in-law. Therefore, Poppy and Smeg, please take possession of the duchies of Afee and Crackenthorpe, respectively. Congrats.

Anyway, does anyone have any questions, comments, or concerns?


Should we hold a State Dinner?Collapse )
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The Question of the Succession...
 paisleyglen - (drhackenbush)
09:29pm 24/02/2009
Horatio Q. Hackenbush posting in Paisley Glen
A short while ago there was a question of who would succeed to the throne of Our fair Glen if and when I should chose to retire or die.  Secretly, a decision was made.

The Paislian Succession...Collapse )
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 paisleyglen - (drhackenbush)
07:32pm 04/02/2009
Horatio Q. Hackenbush posting in Paisley Glen
Paisley Website Updated, but nothing major. New news item, and some *ahem* changes to the character page that were overdue have been made. Cheers.

E Rex
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national bird
 paisleyglen - (deltablues)
12:03pm 13/12/2008
M posting in Paisley Glen

I don't believe that Paisley Glen has a national bird, motto, muffin, dance etc. I think it's safe to say the muffin is our national food, but what kind of muffin?

Please offer suggestions for any of the mentioned categories and any other thing for which we ought to designate an official Paisley type.
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The Criminal Dawn
 paisleyglen - (drhackenbush)
11:23am 31/10/2008
Horatio Q. Hackenbush posting in Paisley Glen
Bukake, Brethren.

The Pirates of the Criminal Dawn, Christian and Kat's group, are in theory getting together for the benefit of their newbies at some point soon. As we're honorary crewmembers, just as they're honorary Paislians, I was wondering what kind of interest we might have in joining them for a "raid". I believe that they want to play laser tag in garb and then go to the two-dollar theatre. I don't think that there's a date set yet. Shall I tell them we're interested?

Edmund Rex
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PapaThor was ROBBED
 paisleyglen - (ladypoppy)
05:19pm 09/10/2008
ladypoppy posting in Paisley Glen
Originally posted by tradarcher

Thorir's store in Tacoma, Washington has been robbed this AM

The store's address is
Longship Trade Goods
13118 Pacific Ave.S
Tacoma, Wa. 98444.
Phone number 253-538-1066

This is the email being forward to many lists. So keep your eyes open

"If anyone approaches you with a great deal on silver.....
Longship was robbed @ 4am this morning.
All silver chains and bracelets, all hill silver rings bracelets, hair picks etc. busted glass show cases
If anyone tries to sell you silver please call me and Pierce county police case # 08-283-0134
Thank You for your patience
Thorir and Stella"

Additional note from Poppy
According to Gene the items taken were: Silver Celtic rings in sizes 11 to 13, basic silver chains and TWO silver Byzantine Weave chains (a 24 inch and a 30 inch).
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The Privy Council
 paisleyglen - (drhackenbush)
12:12pm 05/10/2008
Horatio Q. Hackenbush posting in Paisley Glen
My Fellow Paislians,

The Privy Council started as an extension of the silly game that we call Paisley Glen, and in an effort to promote bonding, and brother/sisterhood. It ended in a bitter feud of politics, causing division where once our unity flowered. As it is no longer binding us with ties thicker than schnapps,I hereby dissolve the Privy Council. Former Privy Councilors retain no special priveleges or duties, with the following exceptions:
1. The Lady Poppy remains Camp Mother for life. If we took the title away from her, she'd do the job anyway. And it's easily the only essential on-site office, with the exception of someone to take the rap for our encampment.
2. Madame Amarantha, while no longer Prime Minister, remains Abbess of the Paislian Shrine, and is thus still responsible for archiving the activities of the Glen, holding on to our Relics, and devising/recording our rituals.

All essential unavoidable Paislian business will be handled by myself, or by a conveneing of our full Parliament. I shall go over -once more- our exhaustive body of law, to weed and prune. After that, we should be well set. At that point, my job should be - as it used to be - to make decisions that we can't all come to an agreement on, to resolve disputes -if possible- and to talk to site officials when necessary. In other words, a return to the pre-cutlerian coup.

Comments, questions, concerns?
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 paisleyglen - (taytheer)
06:43am 17/09/2008
Lady Taytheer of the Barbarous Territories posting in Paisley Glen
we are not babrbarouse territories anymore?
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Holloween party anyone?
 paisleyglen - (ladypoppy)
08:53pm 16/09/2008
ladypoppy posting in Paisley Glen
My Mother has invited me to co-host and invite any/all of my friends to something Holloween night in my old neighborhood. Ideas? suggestions? any takers?
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