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Website - new section
 paisleyglen - (drhackenbush)
11:02am 20/11/2009
Horatio Q. Hackenbush posting in Paisley Glen
Hey, Kids -

I've been working on the website. I think mostly everyone has at least rudimentary character stories, except for those that never played with us long enough to acquire backstory. If I didn't have something for you, I made something up, with the exception of Angel - I sent her a message, and am giving her a few days to come up with something before I make it up for her.

Also, and this is the fun part, I added a section to the "Resources" area, with the highlights of our ancient Yahoo group. Who's ready to re-live some long-dead drama?

In theory, I'd like to start updating the site monthly. With, like, new content. To keep it fresh and interesting. Thoughts?

Edmund Rex
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11:10am 22/11/2009 (UTC)
Horatio Q. Hackenbush: Baron Munchausen
You didn't actually have to read it, you know. It's being honest + having records of that point in time for my own reference. Because I have no life.

Yeah, I know. Sad, isn't it?
picword: Baron Munchausen
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