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Paisley Parliament/Tyler's Birthday
 paisleyglen - (drhackenbush)
09:17pm 02/04/2009
Horatio Q. Hackenbush posting in Paisley Glen

Paislians, Allies, and Associates: Bukkake!

We must appologize in advance that you will likely see this message scrawled across every forum We have access to. You may even receive it more than once in your inbox. Sorry.

As required by law, when We wish to hold Parliament, we must let as many Paislians as possible know one month in advance. So: We wish to hold Parliament the weekend of May 2nd-3rd, which is of course also the weekend of Empire Day, Our birthday.  We were thinking that Saturday, 2nd May, would kick off with an informal breakfast cocktail reception, sober up towards mid afternoon when we would hold the official Parliament (I really don't expect much business this year: Only silly pedagogery!), followed, of course, by the traditional campfire-pavillion-boozeup, open to anybody who'll come (strictly by invitation).

R.S.V.P., if you wish, or you could wait for more details. Also any comments, questions, or concerns are most certainly welcome! Further, if you *do* have any serious business you want brought up at Parliament, do let me know first, please, so that I can draw up an itinerary.


Edmund Rex
(cross posted to[info]drhackenbush)


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03:59pm 03/04/2009 (UTC)
it may be a good idea for me to take leave for that sunday... I think we can make it. Location?
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(no subject)
04:11pm 03/04/2009 (UTC)
Horatio Q. Hackenbush
Pretty sure it'll be at my place.
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(no subject)
08:56am 29/04/2009 (UTC)
I have no business to bring up to the meeting. I will unfortunately not be able to attend, as I have a full weekend already with Weddings and Rituals and all that jazz. I do wish you a happy birthday, Edmund.
I have a wedding on Saturday to attend, I might be able to attend after the Wedding. I might bring a date, if this is the case. I have yet to hear back from my date.
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