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 paisleyglen - (drhackenbush)
01:09pm 24/03/2009
Horatio Q. Hackenbush posting in Paisley Glen
The Paisleyglen website is in the midst of being massively updated and reconstructed. In particular, the "Characters" page is getting massive additions - eventually, everyone will have have a separate page with photos and information about them, as well as references to them in Paislian Literature! I'm about halfway through with that, at the moment. Go check it out! To access your particular page, simply click on your name on the Characters page. If I haven't gotten to you yet, tough. It takes an insane ammount of time to go through the Paislian archives and find references to each person, and to come up with crap if there isn't enough.

If I haven't gotten to you yet and you'd like to send me photos or storyline to include on your page, please do so! Contributions are always welcome. If I have gotten to you, and you don't like something about your page, possibly including the fact that I've stolen photos from your myspace or facebook or something, or if you'd like to add or change something, let me know! I'm kinda pulling this out of my butt, at the moment.

Just remember, it's all a work in progress, and you can help make things easier.

Also coming soon is a "Friend of the Glen" page, where persons who aren't actually members of the Glen, but who have been influential in its existence will be. There was some other stuff, but I'm tired of the internet now, so hooray.
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06:34pm 14/04/2009 (UTC)
Horatio Q. Hackenbush
Yes, the Falklands were a while ago, and it was a surprise. Especially as I'd denied them to you immediately before.

I would have to acknowledge soverneigty to issue an ambassador. As you know, Paisley Glen recognizes no soverneigty except its own, with one notable exception - that of the Squirrels. They're considered an independent nation in the same way that the Native Americans are considered independent nations in America, and that's only because I certainly don't want any squirrels in the Glen. There is a possibility of mutual recognition with a few other entities, and if they go through, then I'll be forced to take the Furries into consideration. At the moment, the best I can do is recog - I mean create - a new Duchy, and I can only do that if the Furries are a cohesive group with a clear leader. Is there a Furpope?

The Character title list for you does not contain the Viscounty of Paisley Malta because I don't recall issuing you with a Patent of Nobility for it. If you can kindly provide me with your patent, or online where it was granted, I'd be happy to rectify the mistake.

As you apparently want a demotion and for me to hold the title of Marquis aside until I've felt you've earned it, consider the P. Falklands a K.P.

Is Rachelle 18 yet? She must be 18 before Faire for her to fall under the muffin clause.

The issue with SCA householdship for Paisley is that not a large enough proportion of the Glen attends SCA events as Paisley. While a child in Somalia can look at a piece of scrap tin, etch a Paisley on it, and have paisley with him in spirit, unless Paisley camps at SCA events together, it's not worthwhile incorporating as a household there.
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